Monday, August 22, 2011

First day of classes? Clearly a success.

Today was the first day of classes. Bo Pelini already ran past me. *Sigh* Oh the life of almost rubbing shoulders with a legend. After that I had to buy a dang textbook that ended up costing me approximately $150. That's like a week of my earnings. Spent on one stupid book that I'm never going to open again after this semester all because some crazed, money hungry, man decided to price a book that is completely useless way too high. As I was waiting in the extremely long line to purchase this ridiculous book, I wanted to shoot myself in the face. Why you ask? Standing right behind me were two sorority girls who were like omygosh, sooo not excited to go to chamber tonight. Yes. That's really how they talked. Here's a little piece of their conversation that was burned into my memory:
"And you know she always wore like omygosh, the uuuggllieesst skirts every single day. And she only had like 3 of them, seriously, so I saw her same ugly outfits every week." "OMG are you serious?" "Yeah. Oh this store has like everything! Omygosh it's soooo cuutee!" "It really is!" "Oh did you see those new girls who pledged? Yeah...well we will see them tonight at the meeting and then we have chamber. Oh remember last year when we had to like sit and wait while the other girls went to chamber? Yeah. omygosh I hate chamber. And they have to meet with like everyone in the house. Ohhh did you see the (some random thing I forgot) on Chi Omega's house? Omygosh do you think they have to pay for that themselves?" "Oh no doubt! It's probably a part of their house fee!" "Ohh yeah. And I heard that the pledge year for Alpha Whogivesa Crappa (not their actual words but I can't keep all those stupid names straight) is reaallly hot!!" 

Okay. Do you understand why standing in that line was torture for me? My ears were practically bleeding. After I exited the union I walked right into a group of raging protesters, (getting started early in the year) who called me, among other students, a drunk, murderer, and whore monger.
Ahh I love college. All this is why I wake up in the morning. =)

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