Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How Can You Not Love Them?!?

Seriously, is there any possible way? They're super talented and super funny! And they really aren't bad lookin' either! I missed the bus for the 60's. I was definitely born in the wrong era. Truth of the matter is, I would have been a total groupie, I just know it. Heck, I already am and they aren't  even all  alive anymore! (Which makes me super sad!)
Love them! I do.

Press: How did you find America? 
John: Turn left at Greenland.

Press: Are you wearing wigs or real hair? 
Ringo: Hey, where's the police? 
Paul: Take her out! 
George: Our hair's real. What about yours, lady?

Press: Don't you ever get a haircut? 
George: I had one yesterday. 
Ringo: You should have seen him the day before.

Press: How do you feel about a nightclub called Arthur, named after your hair style? 
George: I was proud--until I saw the nightclub.

Press: How do you spend your time when you're cooped up in a hotel room between the shows? 
John: We play tennis and water polo, and hide ourselves from our perol officers.

Press: Is your wife expensive? 
John: Quite, quite... 
Paul: How much did she cost when you bought her? 
John: Er, she was about fifty pounds in Nairobi. 
George: But she was second hand, wasn't she?
Press: Was she second hand?? 
John: How dare you!

Press: Paul, you look like my son. 
Paul: You don't look a bit like my mother.

Press: Recently there has been an article published in Rolling Stone magazine stating that Day Tripper was about a prostitute, and Norwegian Wood was about a lesbian. What was you're intent when writing these songs? 
Paul: We were just trying to write songs about prostitutes and lesbians.

Press: Ringo, why do you wear two rings on each hand? 
Ringo: Because I can't fit them through my nose.

Press: Some people have been calling your work "unamerican". How do you respond to this? 
John: Well, that's very observant of them.

Press: Were you worried about the oversized roughnecks who tried to infiltrate the airport crowd on your arrival? 
Ringo: That was us.

Press: What do you do when you're cooped up in a hotel room between shows? 
George: We ice skate.

Press: What did you think when your airplane's engine began smoking as you landed today? 
Ringo: Beatles, women, and children first!

Press: What do you look like with your hair back on your foreheads? 
John: You just don't do that, mate. You feel naked if you do that, like you don't have any trousers on.

Press: What excuse do you have for your collar-length hair? 
John: Well, it just grows out yer head.

Press: What is the biggest threat to your careers, the atom bomb or dandruff? 
Ringo: The atom bomb. We've already got dandruff.

Press: What is this about an annual illness, George? 
George: I get cancer every year.

Press: When are you going to retire? 
Ringo: In about 10 minutes.

Press: When are you starting your next movie? 
Paul: In February. 
George: We have no title for it yet. 
Ringo: We have no story for it yet. 
John: We have no actors for it yet.

Press: When you do a new song, how do you decide who sings the lead? 
John: We just get together and whoever knows most of the words sings the lead.

Press: Where did you get your hair style? 
Paul: From Napoleon. And Julius Caesar too. We cut it anytime we feel like it. 
Ringo: We may do it now.

Press: Where did you think up the hairdos? 
Paul: We got them from a German photographer who wore his hair this way. 
George: It was while we were in Germany. I went swimming and when I came out I didn't have a comb. So my hair just dried. The others liked it the way it looked, and there we were. 
John: We've told so many lies about it we've forgotten.

Press: Which of you is really bald? 
George: We're all bald. And I'm deaf and dumb.

Press: Who in the world would the Beatles like to meet more than anyone else? 
Ringo: The real Santa Claus.

Press: Who thought up the name Beatles? 
Paul: I thought of it. 
Press: Why? 
Paul: Why not?

Press: Why don't you smile, George? 
George: I'll hurt my lips.

Press: Why is it that you Ringo get more fan mail than the others? 
Ringo: I dunno. I suppose it's because more people write me.

Press: You and the snow came to Washington at the same time today. Which do you think will have the greater impact? 
Ringo: The snow. We're going tomorrow.

Guest Posing&Creepy Village Inn

Hello, lovelies! Just wanted to remind you to check out my guest post tomorrow at 1pm over here at the lovely Jess's blog. Hopefully I'll be able to get on and post again before that point, but no guarantees. I'm having some trouble getting internet right now since windstream has decided to be dumb. Once again. Lately I've been having to go to a super ghetto, creepy Village Inn a few blocks away to submit homework assignments. I'm too cheap to go inside and actually buy something, so I sit out in the parking lot and mooch off of their wifi. The other night, though, a message popped up and informed me that someone was trying to hack into my laptop so I scurried off of that dang internet connection real speedy like. Another time some weird creepo looked into my car and watched me the whole time he slowly walked by. So, in case I don't post again before I fly down to Arizona, just know it's because, as much as I value your entertainment, dear readers, I value my life more and I didn't feel like risking it at good ol' VI.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Back to Reality

Thanksgiving break was UH-mazing! My roommate and her boyfriend joined my family for Thanksgiving since neither of their families were here in Nebraska and we stuffed our faces with lots of delicious food. Afterward we played paintball and the next day I took my younger brother and sister to the Huskers last home football game against Iowa. (Which we won. holla!!) Then we went back home for the rest of the break and last night we put up our beautiful Christmas tree and danced around playing Christmas music. It was glorious. 

Then this morning came. 

Now I have to get back to reality. This Thursday my dad and I are flying down to Arizona to check things out and find out which ward (for church) I'll be in and exactly where I'll be living and all that jazz. It's just now hitting me how much I have to get done this week before we fly out. Yikes. With finals just around the corner, things are starting to get even crazier. As if they weren't busy before. 
On a happier note though, I'm also guest posting for Girls With Curls this Thursday!! I cannot even tell you how excited I am! My very first guest post. Jess is super nice and I'm psyched that she's putting something of mine on her awesomespice blog. She said it would be posted at 1pm Dec. 1st so...while I'm in a plane flying to Arizona hopefully ya'll will be reading my post that she puts up! It'll be a day full of new things because, not only will it be my first guest post, it will also be my first time flying! Exciting? I think so.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks

In honor of this awesome day, here are a few things I'm thankful for:

my family
(my mom
my dad
my brother
my sisters)
my friends
my roommate=a friend
my apartment
my blue fuzzy slippers
my dog, Rue
my car, Floyd
my hometown
lightning storms
hot showers
vintage photos
endless opportunities for service
space heaters
Disney movies
(holy cow, i just thought of that ^one^ but seriously can you imagine a world w/o it? blech.) 
awesome people all around
and, of course,
The Gospel. 
Am I ever grateful for that. Talk about a life changer!

Well, folks, today is the day to get inebriated with turkey! I'll try not to gain 5007896966 pounds within the next 24 hours. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This May Be Super Weird But...

I love these.
For some unknown reason I have this new obsession with combat boots and I really love this pair! I know, I know. They are huge. They are cumbersome. But with the right outfit...they could be awesome. I'm having a tough time deciding whether or not I should buy them...hmm....
Another new obsession of mine: The Beatles.

I never particularly cared for them before but the other day I heard one of their songs and it was like my eyes were opened! And I love them.

While we ponder that, let's listen to some good tunes!
I just discovered this song today thanks to a post  I read over at  half&half. Never fails to entertain me. 
(I'm just gonna tell you right now there's no point to reading these lyrics. They really make no sense. I just like the song.)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Do I Even Need To Explain?

Also, if you'd like to read what I consider to be a somewhat entertaining post from my other blog, go on over to the ol' poo raisins post! I laughed writing it...but I'm also very easily entertained. Decide for yourself.

Friday, November 18, 2011

It's a Picture Kinda Day

My favorite things across which I've stumbled in the past few days....

when I think of Seth:

I cannot even tell you how true this is. Everyone is getting married and/or pregnant. And I, of course, am getting more awesome. haha

A place that never ever EVER should have  been established. Stay classy, Nevada.

 and this must be why some cake it on.

At this very moment....

Yes. This is an actual picture of the Zelda game I was playing today. Don't be hatin'.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Know You're All Wondering...

What the heck, Sierra?! Where have you been the past two days?! Because, in the world of blogs where we're all nerds and spend our time reading and writing, two days is practically an eternity. Let me tell you though, I've been doing even nerdier things. I have been...studying. *gasp* Sad, but true. The world of Political Science and Macroeconomics has all but sucked my soul dry and, holding onto the last drop of joy I had left, I ran to my laptop to bring meaning back into my life (a.k.a. blog). Can I just tell you today I rocked one of my specialty looks. I call it the I've-spent-more-time-studying-than-sleeping-so-this-is-what-you-get look. Pretty classy. Anyway, let me fill you in on my day so far. Woke up at 6:19 am (16 minutes before my alarms went off. Whyyy??!?!). Decided I couldn't fall back asleep so I picked up where I left off the night before and began studying macrecon again. (horrid class) Studied....around 8:30 I kept falling I decided to take a little breaky from my studying and take a 20 minute nap. Woke up at 8:50, studied until noon. Threw on a hoodie and comfy boots and forced my afro hair into a messy bun.  Drove the 10, 15 minutes to get downtown to campus. Passed a large group of visiting high schoolers as I walked to CBA. (There's always one 11 year old boy who finds it necessary to get a high five from a college student so that he will, somehow, be superior above his peers.) Sat in the hall and studied for another 25 minutes. Went in, sat down with my good ol' econ buddies (Seriously, they are the only reason I go to class. And because I want to pass.) and we discussed how ready we were...not.  Also, let me explain why this class is so stressful. We only have 3 exams all semester. So each test is 1/3 of our grade. And the average in there is a 58. And our professor is pleased. He says that's average, if not a little above, for his class. I don't think that's okay. So yes, I'm sitting there, praying over and over in my head that I will pass, and then the dreadful exam is handed out. And I take it and I think...I don't know. I think I passed. I hope I passed. I suppose I'll let you know how that all turns out.  Then I rushed home and for the first time in almost 24 hours checked my facebook and email for blog comments. And there were so many nice things said! It made my day. =) Plus it helps that I have the devil's test out of the way. Also, a friend wanted to have some of my old homework to cheat off of...and I told him sorry I couldn't help him more but I just wasn't comfortable with that. And he was super cool with it. He respected it and everything and was really nice and so that also made me happy. I like when people are cool enough to respect your standards even if they aren't exactly the same as theirs. You know?
Oh and one more thing. The other day after doing yoga one of my friends was like "Hey come play basketball!" And I'm like, oh. I'm barefoot. Oh well! So I decide it's a good idea to play basketball barefoot. But I'm too stupid to take it easy so I'm still making quick moves and one time when I juked left, I tore all the skin off the ball of my foot. And it was pretty. But that's not the point. The point is that later that night my awesomespice roommate and I needed to go grocery shopping because, let me tell you, our fridge looked like it belonged to Tiny Tim. Well Stephanie and I like to make things exciting. So on our way to the store we stopped by Walgreens and bought some stuff that you wrap your ankle up with. And we wrapped my foot up even though it was completely unnecessary and we didn't even have the wrap covering the gross part. I gave myself a weird little limp and when we walked into the market, whattya know! They let me drive the little handicapped cart around! It was a glorious experience, my friends. I had always wanted to drive one of those and all it took was a little scraped foot to give us the idea that made my dream come true. I'd say it was worth it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Warning:This is sure to be another fangirly post 

The official trailer for The Hunger Games came out yesterday and OMYGOSH!!! Too excited for words!!! I know I still have to wait for March but...tension is building! Seth and I actually read the last book together before he left on his mission because neither one of us was patient enough to wait for the other to finish. 

Excitement Excitement Excitement!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

This Is Why I'm a Husker&Why Penn State Still Has My Respect

Whether you keep tabs on sports news, national news, or no news, you definitely should know by now what has been happening over at Penn State with Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno who, for the past 61 years, has been the face of Penn State and is the coach with the most wins in college football. If you're uninformed on this topic of discussion you can read about it herehere, and here. I don't want to go over all of the details on here. It saddens me and makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about all of the kids that were abused. So if you want to know exactly what happened, click on the links I've posted above, I promise they're valid sources.
Anyway, truth of the matter is, something terrible happened. People who knew about it should have done more and now all of Penn State's reputation is marred because of the decisions of a few. But evil is everywhere. More importantly though, good is everywhere.
 We traveled to Penn State this last weekend and played them in their first football game since news of the scandal spread throughout the nation. (If you don't know by now, I'm a huuuugee Husker football fan. That's one of the main reasons I chose to come to school here at UNL.) We ended up beating them 17-14, but that's not the important part. The important part is that, since that game, letters have been pouring in from all over the Nation from Penn State alumni and fans. Here are some of the ones which stood out to me the most: 

To the administration, students, football players and entire University of Nebraska community:
In the midst of the darkest days in Pennsylvania State University history, two teams joined at the center of Beaver Stadium this past Saturday and knelt in prayer. Graciously led by Nebraska running back coach Ron Brown, this simple action of unity served as a beacon of light, a light which will hopefully grow and soon drive out the night enveloping the Penn State family.
Nebraska, you could have turned your backs. You could have opted to have nothing to do with Penn State other than the football game. Instead, you embraced your fellow student athletes, and in doing so, the entire Penn State Family, and said, "We stand with you."
For this — for your class, your friendship, your solidarity and your support — we thank you.
Though we are Penn State, we thank you for being the amazing community that you are, University of Nebraska.
Devon Pogasic
Penn State alumnus, 2008
Steelton, Pa.                             

To the players, coaches and staff of the football team, and to the students, faculty, staff, administration and alumni of the University of Nebraska:
In 1983 I was an undergraduate at Penn State. You came to State College wearing red and white and filled with pride and a sense of camaraderie that those of us in big schools share. We were impressed by your sportsmanship, courtesy and anticipation for the game. We shared our tailgates with you before the game and couldn't believe how loudly you cheered despite being outnumbered eight to one. We won the game on a controversial call late in the 4th quarter. You held your heads high, rejoined us in our tailgates and started home on your long journey.
Today you came back to Penn State and, in possibly the finest display of sportsmanship I have ever seen, joined in solidarity with us in our moment of excruciating pain. You won today, but there were no losers on the field or in the stands. Those of us who love Penn State dearly will never forget you. Thank you for showing the world the finest qualities in human beings that sports have to offer.
Thank you, for everything.
Edward Doherty
Penn State, 1985
Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y.

I would like to thank the Nebraska football team, coaches and fans for your support. The Penn State community has been rocked by the recent scandal and our students, alumni, faculty and staff are hurting. The kindness and support demonstrated by the Nebraska community at Saturday's game was heartwarming. Seeing both the Penn State and Nebraska football teams and coaching staffs drop to their knees in prayer before kick off is a sight I will never forget. As a fan, a parent and a Penn State faculty member, I was moved by your kindness. Thank you for helping us through this very dark time.
Patricia Kleban
University Park, Pa.

This last week has been one of the most trying and difficult of the lives of many Penn State alumni, students and fans. It was some of ours' fear and understanding that we were going to be completely ostracized by the community outside of Happy Valley.
That was, until Saturday. Nebraska fans showed us nothing but support. I want to thank you for the class that was shown by your fans and players; it has meant more than you will ever know. Congratulations on your win, thank you for your support and welcome to the Big Ten.
Josiah Newman
Penn State Alumnus
State College, Pa.

As a Penn State alum, this week has been the most gut-wrenching, miserable week of my life. The fact that one of our own would commit the unspeakable is something I'd never have imagined just a week ago. To see our university leaders all fail to act appropriately when presented with the opportunity was another swift punch to the gut. Then, the reaction to the firing of coach Paterno by a small portion of our student body was yet another massive disappointment. But that is not Penn State. It will take many, many years for our school to regain our credibility, but in earnest, we will move forward.
I don't hesitate to speak for all of the 550,000 Penn State alumni in saying that we want justice for the victims; we want a complete and total airing of the truth, and we want anyone involved in failing to help those children to be furiously punished. Even if the facts ultimately point to a failure of our beloved coach Paterno, then so be it.
But I also want to thank Nebraska's fans and football team. I've always enjoyed when we've played Nebraska – your fans travel well, are great people to spend a weekend with and are total class acts. By coming to Happy Valley and playing a football game this weekend, you helped the healing process for so many Penn State fans who had absolutely nothing to do with this scandal. I'll always be a Nittany Lion, but from this day forward, I'm also a huge Husker fan. Thank you.
Scott Krouse
Penn State Alum `99
Westlake, Ohio

To the Nebraska community:
I am presently writing you as a lone individual – I do not now, nor will I ever pretend to, speak on behalf of the more than 40,000 Penn State University Park students, nor the nearly 100,000 members of our two dozen commonwealth campuses and assuredly not on behalf of the nearly half-million Penn State alumni around the country and around the world. I can only speak for myself, and this is the experience I had the last few days interacting with the Nebraska community members who came to Happy Valley for (Saturday's) football game.
On Friday, your first fans began making a visible presence felt in downtown State College, Pa. I was, personally, a bit relieved that they came after all the speculation resulting from the horrific events over the last week. It has been a turbulent time for all of us in the Penn State community, and no one could reasonably blame anyone for their trepidation in the face of willingly going into fray, so to speak.
On Friday night I saw members of your community proudly clad in scarlet on the lawn in front of Old Main, participating solemnly, respectfully and supportively during an emotional candlelight vigil. Your fans stood by us while we listened to various community speakers, the Penn State Blue Band, a capella performances and a heartbreaking anonymous letter from a PSU student chronicling her own experiences with sexual abuse. Most importantly, while we prayed for the victims of unspeakable crimes committed in our own community — and victims of sexual abuse all over — you were quite literally standing beside us and standing for what should have been the focus of our community's attention and national media attention all along.
All day Saturday Nebraska fans filled seats in Beaver Stadium, seats in our restaurants and bars and explored the campus we call home. In spite of a close ending to an exciting game – an ending that, I must admit, I wish had a slightly different outcome (ahem) — your fans were gracious and continued to be grateful and kind everywhere I ran into them. From friendly passers-by on campus to a lone Nebraska fan at a gas station on the outskirts of town calling a friend back home to talk about how well things were going in Happy Valley, I did not have a single bad interaction with any member of your community. I sincerely hope the experiences of your Huskers were similarly positive.
Overall, the purpose of this letter is to thank you – all of you. As I said, this has been an extremely difficult time. Emotions have been running high and, to say the least, have gotten the best of most of us at one time or another. As the nation and world have seen, this week glaringly revealed the worst of not just college athletics and higher education, but the worst of humanity as well. The support of your community has shown many of us in Happy Valley the best of college athletics, the best of higher education and the best of humanity. Your support — both implicit and explicit, intentional and incidental — made a world of difference for our entire community this weekend and will continue to allow us to pick ourselves up, to renew our commitments to the values and ideals we seek to uphold and to remember the victims and prevent future tragedies from ever taking place. Thank you again, and I, personally, look forward to seeing you in Nebraska next fall.
Andrew Carr
Penn State Political Science Ph.D. Candidate

To read more of these letters go here. This is why I love Nebraska and this is why I am proud to be a Husker. I think, however, that we've been praised enough by the Penn State fans. Now it's their turn.
 It's true that, yes, something terrible happened at Penn State. But, as a school and as a state, Pennsylvania still has a lot to offer. It takes a lot of courage to admit when something/someone you hold so dear to you has made a mistake and even more to commend your opponent. These fans have done both. They are good people and I respect them. 
Thank you, Penn State, for your kind words. I look forward to seeing you here next fall as well.

Stop and Think About It...

Help me not to judge too harshly those who choose to sin differently than I. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Once In a Lifetime 11:11 11/11/11

It's 11:11 on 11/11/11!!! I'm writing this ahead of time so that I will be able to post this in exactly.....8 minutes. At 11:11. As you know, 11:11 is when you make wishes. Yes. I still do that. So today I've got two shot to make the most epic wishes of all time!!! If you missed this one, don't worry, you still have one more shot tonight. And is it super ridiculous that I'v kinda been waiting for this...for like 3 years? I don't care. It's awesome and it only happens once a century so leave me alone. I'm not going to be around for the next time. Also, you have no idea how stoked I am that it's on a Friday!!! Perfect! Only one more class to go and then I can enjoy this epic day. =) Hope you all have a wonderful 11/11/11! (Seriously, this should be made into a holiday.) Wish your heart out!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Can I just say...

1) I am super stoked for The Hunger Games movie to come out! 
Such great books. I will definitely be there on the opening night. And if ya'll haven't read the books yet? You seriously need to! ASAP! Before March 23...because that, my dear friends, is when the first movie comes out. It's gonna be epic. 

2)I'm actually pretty excited about Breaking Dawn as well. So...November 18th...Yes. Okay. I most likely won't go to the premiere of that one..Or maybe I will. I'm still undecided. It took me quite awhile to read the Twilight Saga because, let's be real, love and vampires? Those two things definitely don't mix in my book. Sounded pretty lame. Especially since the last book on vampires I'd read was Salem's Lot by Stephen King. That is by no stretch of the imagination a love story. If anyone has ever read it they know what I mean. I made my little sister check our bedroom windows for vampires for weeks. Sacrifices must be made. Anyway, one day in a desperate attempt to save myself from a death of reading deprivation, I caved. And you know what? I liked them! They were actually good books! The movies are progressively getting this one should be the best so far. (Because, honestly, the first movie sucked. Nothing was as it should have been but I'm over it.)
Okay. I'm not like "OMGOSH! TWILLIIGGHTTT!" Like the fans Hamish and Andy are discussing. Seriously, you need to listen to this clip. I about bust a gut everytime I listen to it. Hamish and Andy complete my life.

3) When it comes to Taylor Lautner, though, now that's a different story. You  just can't look at him without thinkin "Dannnngggg! I'll have a piece o' that!" Can we seriously just talk about how adorable this boy is for a minute?! I'm not usually the swooning type and it's not often that I find me some good eye candy but how can I not enjoy him?? I mean really. Look at his smile.

Ah...I die.

Okay. Enough of pretending like I'm 14. I'll try and return to my 20 year old state.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Need This


Do You Follow?

So at least once a week I have people tell me that they love reading my blogs. I love this! It totally makes my day!! Often, though, they say that they don't know how to become a "follower." So, for all of you wonderful readers out there, I found this post by casey leigh. (Seriously, she's super cute.) I thought it was perfect! Look at this picture of her son. Really, could she make it any more adorable?
*This post is for people who read their favorite blogs daily via facebook, twitter, other people's "blog rolls" or maybe just look them up daily but aren't actually following.

I have had a lot of people tell me that they like reading my blog or a certain blog but don't know how to "follow" or maybe are unsure of what "following" a blog is. So here ya go...

What is Following?
If you have a favorite blog and want to let the author and readers know that you are a fan... you can do that by "following" their blog. 
I think it is a nice way to say we "support" you and what you have to say! 

You do not need to have a blog to follow one. So following isn't just for bloggers, it's also designed to make it easier for readers to keep tabs on their favorite blogs.

Also, you can choose to follow publicly or privately.

So select how you'd like to follow the blog, then click the "Follow this blog" button.

It is that simple, you are now a follower of the blog! If you elected to follow the blog publicly, your profile picture will be displayed on the blog with a link to your Blogger profile.

That's it :). Just a little fyi !

If you have a number of blogs you enjoy, go follow will mean a lot to those writing them, a good way to send support their way.

Also, if you follow a blog that you think others would benefit from, you should post about it...share the love. Even if you don't know the author personally, and possibly have never even commented on their blog never know who you will be blessing/ helping

The Search is Over + I Seriously LOVE President Hinckley

When I was 14 years old, back in the summer of 2006, I went to EFY. It was an amazing experience! While there I sang in the choir and every day we had practice while everyone else had free time because, towards the end of the week, we were going to have a program. Well in the middle of this program there was going to be bit of an intermission from our singing during which a clip of President Gordon B. Hinckley speaking to the youth would be played. The last few days of practice we played the clip so we could get a feel for how long it would be. Every day I heard it, it made me cry all over again. I distinctly remember watching in on the laptop in our choir room. I loved it. The night of the program was no different except for, instead of a single practice room, the spirit filled the entire auditorium, washing over hundreds of teens, mostly LDS but not completely. As President Hinckley told us how much he loved us I knew he was telling the truth. Then, after his adamant statement that we didn't have to succumb to the pressures of the world, we didn't have to make those wrong hit me. I didn't have to. I had power over me and what I did and I didn't have to do anything that I knew to be wrong. Since then I have made wrong decisions, as we all do, but I still know, I don't have to do that. I don't have to stay down. The atonement is there for a reason. I can be forgiven when I mess up and I can, someday, return to my Heavenly Father. Anyway, that talk had a profound impact on me and it was that talk that gave me an even stronger, more intense love for President Hinckley. A love all of the prophets, but I feel as if he is my prophet. Because of that talk. So, as you could imagine, I wanted it. I wanted it bad. So I looked for the video everywhere but I could not find it! It wasn't on the EFY website or on I didn't even know what to look for besides EFY 2006. So my search continued. And finally, after 5 years of looking, I found it last night!! It was 2am but I watched it over and over and over again and let me tell you, it was glorious. Sitting alone in the dark with my laptop listening to Gordon B. Hinckleys words, the spirit filled our little apartment just as it had that auditorium. I felt tingly all over and it was as if I was hearing it for the very first time. I cannot even describe to you how ecstatic I am to finally have this. Please allow me to share this wonderful find with you. If you want to read along go here. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Greatest Fear

Today as I was blog stalking I stumbled upon this story of a woman who has a daughter with down syndrome. Omygoodness. I seriously teared up reading it. Go there. Read it. Love it. Love her.
As you know, I'm nowhere near being a mother yet. Heck, I'm not even married. So it may seem strange to you that this post of hers (Kelle's) hit me so hard. Keep reading.
I'm very very excited to be a mom when that time comes. But you see...there's a bit of a problem. My dreams are tainted by a little something known as fear. It's not a fear of stretch marks or losing some of my freedom to do exactly what I want when I want to or even a fear of how badly it's going to hurt. No, it's none of those things. It's a fear that this magical thing, the gift of creation, may not happen for me. I know it's a long way in advance, but it scares me. A lot. Why? Let's rewind to my 18th birthday...

I had been having pains when I ran and worked out intensely for about a year. I don't mean the oh-that's-a-bit-uncomfortable pains, I mean the doubled-over-I-can't-breathe kind of pains. I didn't know what they were, all I knew was that I had a pretty high pain-tolerance and nothing physical had ever made me cry, at least not since I was old enough to recall, until now. If something hurts, I suck it up and push through it, that's just the way I am. So...I didn't tell anyone about the mystery pains. One day about 6 months after they had started dad decided he was going to bike with me as I ran a few miles out of town. I didn't even get to my two mile mark when it started to hurt. Dad could tell something was seriously wrong, I didn't just stop. Ever. He was pretty upset with me for not telling him and we set up a doctor's appointment. I had an ultrasound and we saw that I had a cyst on my ovaries. "You have very nice, pretty ovaries," the doctor told me. Umm. Gee. Thanks. So there it was. I had one measly cyst. No big deal. I could take that little sucker. I was given some medicine that was supposed to slowly reduce and eventually get rid of it and so I continued on with life and sports as I always had, waiting for the medicine to do its magic. Eventually I ran out of medicine and nothing had changed, the pains had only gotten worse. I didn't have too much faith in doctors, especially since this one had failed me, but finally after about a year my parents insisted that I tried another doctor, a specialist.
Hence the fateful 18th birthday doctors visit. Yes, I went to get this mess taken care of on my birthday. (I don't really have a great track record as far as celebrating my birthday goes.)
So I walk in with my darling mother, go into a room to wait as I'm instructed, and sit down on the little table-like thing. A woman doctor walks in, "Okay you're going to have to take off your pants. Put this sheet over you and let me know when you're ready."
Wait. Excuse me. What?! I know that lady didn't just tell me to take off my pants. But alas, she had. I'm pretty sure I shot daggers out of my eyes as I turned towards my mom. What sorta place had she brought me to? A brothel!?
"Don't look at me like I've tricked you, Sierra." My mom says.
"You did trick me! I didn't know we were coming to this kind of doctor!" I exclaimed.
"Well what kind of doctor were you expecting??"
"Um. A normal one where I'm not required to strip!"  Duh.
Eventually I did as I was told and the horrible woman, we'll call her la diabla, came back in and did her thing. But that wasn't it, oh no. After she was finished violating me and my pants were securely back on my body, I was taken to another room.
Walking through the hall I saw this pretty hot grad student. We made eye contact and he held my gaze, flashing a gorgeous smile. Happy Birthday to me! Then la diabla decided to ruin it by announcing to the world "You're going to come in here for your ultrasound, Sierra." Great. Well my mom couldn't have anyone thinking I was with child, so she turned to the god-like grad student and defensively blurted out, "She's not pregnant!" Needless to say the moment of magic was over and I hurriedly scuttled into the ultrasound room.
I was met by...a man doctor. He will be el diablo. They asked if it was okay if they didn't let the hot grad student in to watch. Was it okay?!? Are they kidding?! I didn't want him in there! El diablo did a rather..umm...intense ultrasound which was a bit uncomfortable since I was not "sexually active." The whole situation scared me so much and was so unbelievable uncomfortable and horrifying that I cried all the way through the examination. After that horribleness was over...more came. He told me that having one cyst on your ovaries wasn't that big of a deal and it was fairly common...then he told me that I had 55. My body was full of little sacks of acid that were bursting inside of me and every month a new one formed. I felt a great dislike for that body of mine, traitor that it was. It was like a great big water balloon fight inside of me...but with acid. And I couldn't fight back. Then he told me that I may not be able to have children...I was going to have to take birth control pills if I wanted to raise my chances at all. I hated taking those things. I felt dirty just having them in my purse but I took them. Because I wanted a family. I wanted it more than I've ever wanted anything else in my life.

Fast forward. I still want a family and I still want to be able to have children. Every time I hold a baby I don't want to give him/her back because he/she feels so right in my arms and I know, I know that I was meant to be a mom. I can't help but wonder...does this baby know my future children? What would he/she tell me if they could talk? It still scares me to know that I may not be able to get pregnant and create life myself. (As someone once said, that's something that we, as women, have in common with God. How amazing is that! I want to be able to have that experience!) I've thought about it a lot though and if I'm not meant to have my own children, then I will adopt. I know I will be able to love those babies just as much. I love any child I come in contact with! For now I'm just going to take things one step at a time and we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. No matter what happens, I know that my Heavenly Father will take care of me as he has the family from the previously mentioned article. He knows each one of us individually and He knows what we can handle. He loves us...He loves me. This I know. No matter how scary things may get, He will help me through it. He will help you through it. As Jefferey R. Holland once said, "If for a while the harder you try, the harder it gets, take heart. So it has been with the best people who ever lived." How I love that man.

Some Days You Just Have To...

Monday, November 7, 2011


So...I'm pretty sure I was born in the wrong era. I have this obsession for all things vintage. One of my new favorite obsessions, however, is the love of typewriters. Seriously geeky? Yes, I know. I love to write. Truth of the matter is, I don't even like typing things up on my laptop. I love looking at my messy rough drafts (and believe me, they are messy) and seeing how many revisions I've made and just how far I've come. I'm very much a perfectionist when it comes to my writing projects whether it be poetry or a research paper, I will change something every single time I read it. Something about doing things the old fashioned way really intrigues me. I remember having a typewriter in our laundry room, which used to have a yellow desk in it, when I was really little. I loved it! Ever since I've wanted to be able to use a typewriter. Don't get me wrong, I'm very much accustomed to the convenience of my laptop and it's super handy, but I get great satisfaction from putting that little extra work into my writing. And it doesn't stop there! It's not just the idea of using a typewriter that I love but also pictures of them and using antique typewriters as decorations. How can you not love these magical things? So they're a little outdated...okay okay, they're obsolete. In my mind, though, there is still a definite place for them in our modern world of i-pads and macbooks. Take a look. I'm sure you'll agree and fall in love with them as I have.

Also, I'm sure you've noticed that I have been remodeling my page. Don't worry, there's reason to my madness! I'll post about it and explain shortly. =)