Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Adorable Little Stormtrooper Family

So right now I am supposed to be writing an explication paper which is due in the morning. You must be thinking, "That sounds horrible! What on earth is a dreaded explication paper?!" Well, friends, it's not so bad but it's definitely not my favorite past time. I simply have to write a 4 page paper on a 1/8 of a page poem. Yeah...I'll be bull-crapping my way through that one. Anyhow, that's what I'm supposed to be doing. But I got distracted by this adorable little stormtrooper family album. Aren't they precious?

Okay, 'tis true that I am super dorky. And easily distracted. Clearly. But honestly, didn't that just crack you up?! (Or at least crack a smile?) Definitely made my night!
Also, today was the first snowfall of this winter. On my way to class this morning I got rained on while walking the distance across campus to my class. And this afternoon when I got done with all my classes? I got snowed on. It was just lovely. Luckily I don't really mind getting soaked, I actually kinda like the rain running down my face. My feet were pretty chilly though and that, I'll admit, I was not a fan of. 
Well back to writing my paper! I must try to get something accomplished before I go to my broomball game tonight. It starts at 12:30. Technically I suppose that would be tomorrow morning but whatever. Yes, I know. Our broomball games have crazy schedules but hey, that makes it all the better! It's super fun! (If you don't know what broomball is go here. And then search out a team and join. You'll never regret it. It's awesome. Unless you're not an aggressive person and don't like falling on your butt and getting bruises. In that case you'll probably hate it. But I love all of the above so it's fantastic for me! 
P.S.-Another sport I'm dying to play is Rugby!! Wouldn't that just be super cool?!

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Natasha Louise said...

Errrrrrm yes adorable!

Thanks for the comment on my blog, it made my day! :) Glad I wasn't the only one who's mind wandered to Prince of Persia and I always get excited by our faith! Lovin your blog :) x