Thursday, November 10, 2011

Can I just say...

1) I am super stoked for The Hunger Games movie to come out! 
Such great books. I will definitely be there on the opening night. And if ya'll haven't read the books yet? You seriously need to! ASAP! Before March 23...because that, my dear friends, is when the first movie comes out. It's gonna be epic. 

2)I'm actually pretty excited about Breaking Dawn as well. So...November 18th...Yes. Okay. I most likely won't go to the premiere of that one..Or maybe I will. I'm still undecided. It took me quite awhile to read the Twilight Saga because, let's be real, love and vampires? Those two things definitely don't mix in my book. Sounded pretty lame. Especially since the last book on vampires I'd read was Salem's Lot by Stephen King. That is by no stretch of the imagination a love story. If anyone has ever read it they know what I mean. I made my little sister check our bedroom windows for vampires for weeks. Sacrifices must be made. Anyway, one day in a desperate attempt to save myself from a death of reading deprivation, I caved. And you know what? I liked them! They were actually good books! The movies are progressively getting this one should be the best so far. (Because, honestly, the first movie sucked. Nothing was as it should have been but I'm over it.)
Okay. I'm not like "OMGOSH! TWILLIIGGHTTT!" Like the fans Hamish and Andy are discussing. Seriously, you need to listen to this clip. I about bust a gut everytime I listen to it. Hamish and Andy complete my life.

3) When it comes to Taylor Lautner, though, now that's a different story. You  just can't look at him without thinkin "Dannnngggg! I'll have a piece o' that!" Can we seriously just talk about how adorable this boy is for a minute?! I'm not usually the swooning type and it's not often that I find me some good eye candy but how can I not enjoy him?? I mean really. Look at his smile.

Ah...I die.

Okay. Enough of pretending like I'm 14. I'll try and return to my 20 year old state.


Sapphire Sireé said...

this was very inspiring! haha thank you! ;)

Natasha Louise said...

I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED FOR HUNGER GAMES I CANT EVEN CONTAIN MYSELF! on a nother note, thanks so much for the comment on my blog, it made me smile :) You're a lovely girl Sierra, I can tell just from your blog! :)