Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Know You're All Wondering...

What the heck, Sierra?! Where have you been the past two days?! Because, in the world of blogs where we're all nerds and spend our time reading and writing, two days is practically an eternity. Let me tell you though, I've been doing even nerdier things. I have been...studying. *gasp* Sad, but true. The world of Political Science and Macroeconomics has all but sucked my soul dry and, holding onto the last drop of joy I had left, I ran to my laptop to bring meaning back into my life (a.k.a. blog). Can I just tell you today I rocked one of my specialty looks. I call it the I've-spent-more-time-studying-than-sleeping-so-this-is-what-you-get look. Pretty classy. Anyway, let me fill you in on my day so far. Woke up at 6:19 am (16 minutes before my alarms went off. Whyyy??!?!). Decided I couldn't fall back asleep so I picked up where I left off the night before and began studying macrecon again. (horrid class) Studied....around 8:30 I kept falling I decided to take a little breaky from my studying and take a 20 minute nap. Woke up at 8:50, studied until noon. Threw on a hoodie and comfy boots and forced my afro hair into a messy bun.  Drove the 10, 15 minutes to get downtown to campus. Passed a large group of visiting high schoolers as I walked to CBA. (There's always one 11 year old boy who finds it necessary to get a high five from a college student so that he will, somehow, be superior above his peers.) Sat in the hall and studied for another 25 minutes. Went in, sat down with my good ol' econ buddies (Seriously, they are the only reason I go to class. And because I want to pass.) and we discussed how ready we were...not.  Also, let me explain why this class is so stressful. We only have 3 exams all semester. So each test is 1/3 of our grade. And the average in there is a 58. And our professor is pleased. He says that's average, if not a little above, for his class. I don't think that's okay. So yes, I'm sitting there, praying over and over in my head that I will pass, and then the dreadful exam is handed out. And I take it and I think...I don't know. I think I passed. I hope I passed. I suppose I'll let you know how that all turns out.  Then I rushed home and for the first time in almost 24 hours checked my facebook and email for blog comments. And there were so many nice things said! It made my day. =) Plus it helps that I have the devil's test out of the way. Also, a friend wanted to have some of my old homework to cheat off of...and I told him sorry I couldn't help him more but I just wasn't comfortable with that. And he was super cool with it. He respected it and everything and was really nice and so that also made me happy. I like when people are cool enough to respect your standards even if they aren't exactly the same as theirs. You know?
Oh and one more thing. The other day after doing yoga one of my friends was like "Hey come play basketball!" And I'm like, oh. I'm barefoot. Oh well! So I decide it's a good idea to play basketball barefoot. But I'm too stupid to take it easy so I'm still making quick moves and one time when I juked left, I tore all the skin off the ball of my foot. And it was pretty. But that's not the point. The point is that later that night my awesomespice roommate and I needed to go grocery shopping because, let me tell you, our fridge looked like it belonged to Tiny Tim. Well Stephanie and I like to make things exciting. So on our way to the store we stopped by Walgreens and bought some stuff that you wrap your ankle up with. And we wrapped my foot up even though it was completely unnecessary and we didn't even have the wrap covering the gross part. I gave myself a weird little limp and when we walked into the market, whattya know! They let me drive the little handicapped cart around! It was a glorious experience, my friends. I had always wanted to drive one of those and all it took was a little scraped foot to give us the idea that made my dream come true. I'd say it was worth it.

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