Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This May Be Super Weird But...

I love these.
For some unknown reason I have this new obsession with combat boots and I really love this pair! I know, I know. They are huge. They are cumbersome. But with the right outfit...they could be awesome. I'm having a tough time deciding whether or not I should buy them...hmm....
Another new obsession of mine: The Beatles.

I never particularly cared for them before but the other day I heard one of their songs and it was like my eyes were opened! And I love them.

While we ponder that, let's listen to some good tunes!
I just discovered this song today thanks to a post  I read over at  half&half. Never fails to entertain me. 
(I'm just gonna tell you right now there's no point to reading these lyrics. They really make no sense. I just like the song.)


abbypauna said...

GET the boots, they are freaking amazo! then send me some, they are epic. Do it love :)
P.s the beatles are amazo, i love playing their rock band mix.

Natasha Louise said...

I Love the boots!! they are cute. ;)

Kari said...

I did the exact same thing with the Beatles. And those boots are surprisingly awesome.