Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We All Have Dreams

Today I made a decision. A life changing, awesome decision. Are you ready to hear it? Okay. Here it is:
I am going to buy a Volkswagen bus and live in it as I and travel the coast with my future husband. This may sound slightly irrational and ridiculous, but honestly, why not? Who says I can't do that? When I get married, my husband and I will be broke already and we won't have any kids yet. I want to do it before either of us get super tied down to a job. Maybe monetarily speaking it's not the wisest choice since we wouldn't really be making much money but we wouldn't be spending much either because, in my plan, we're seriously going to be minimalists. And you know what? I think it's worth it. Can you imagine all of the awesome memories and experiences we'd have?!?! And isn't that most important in this life, not the money we earn? So we are going to take advantage of this point in our lives when we're still young and free and unattached and we are going to do it. I would totally do it right now buuut....I don't think going alone would be as fun or as safe. Plus I really just want to do it with my best friend and someone I'm crazy about. So we're going to do it. And if a guy doesn't like it, then he obviously doesn't like the type of person that I am and we could never work out in the long run. So he will no longer be a candidate for being my hubby. Once I find that person though, we will fulfill this dream of mine. And it's going to be amazing, And it's going to happen. I've decided. And once I make up my mind, there's no going back.

I want to buy one just like this. That'd be perfect.

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