Thursday, December 1, 2011

First Flight? Success!

So today I flew for the very first time, and I loved it! Quite a success if I do say so myself. I even signed in and did all of that myself before my dad met me at the airport. Felt like such a big girl! I came in and spent some time with my cousins and their little girls who I will start nannying in a month. I love them already! Sooo adorable. The rest of this weekend will be spent with them and I must admit, I'm pretty excited! We're going to go see a bunch of Christmas light shows and the temple all lit up and some art show. Holla! I feel really good about this decision. In honor of this lovely time my posts will probably stay pretty short and to the point so that I can spend more time with the awesome family I'll be living with!
Also, my guest post went up today so don't forget to go check it out!
Goodnight, lovelies!

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The Bookness said...

Read it. =) Good post. And glad to hear it was ok.

Followed, hope you dont mind. And maybe youll visit me someday.