Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Must Be Half Guy.

Lady Gaga, anyone? 
*ba dum dum ching*
Okay now before you go judgin' let me explain myself. 
I seem to have a few man-ish tendencies. 

For example I:
  • Eat. A lot. Way more than most girls I know. 
  • Love working outside getting my hands dirty. I'd rather be outside working in a field or helping dad put on a roof than inside doing chores any day.
  • Have a pretty low voice and could sing bass better than some of the guys in my high school choir.
  • Walk away when I get mad. Five minutes later I've cooled down and I'm over it. Maybe ten in extreme cases.
  • Love cars. Some of my favorite smells include those of gasoline and old muscle cars. I love old cars and new cars. I love vehicles that aren't even cars at all. Here's my top 3 favorite *vehicles*, since, like I said, they aren't all cars.
1. The 1971 Plymouth Hemi Barracuda will forever be at the top of my list. With hood scoops. And a spoiler.  It is beautiful and perfect. It is fast and powerful. It is my dream car.

I realize that the spoiler is missing in this picture. Don't worry, I'd add it. Once I saved up $150,000 to get the car in the first place.

2. A Jeep Wrangler. I love jeeps. My friend had one and we cruised around in it with the top off and ahh...I die. I loved it! Another reason I'm clearly half guy. I don't mind my hair being whipped around in my face, in fact, I prefer it. I love driving with the windows down. My hair is a huge mess anyway, might as well embrace it. 
This one is obviously used but, truth be told, I like the old ones just as much as the new ones!

3.The Legend SS Chevy Camaro. I believe the 2010 is my favorite. Preferably black. Yess please...
Oh and just because I can't narrow it down quite that's my 4th vehicle!!
The 2011 Lexus RX350 Crossover SUV
I have expensive taste I guess. 
That's why I am going to buy the jeep.
Because it's reasonably priced.
And I love it just as much.

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