Monday, December 12, 2011

Sorry I Suck

I've been sorta terrible at blogging the last few days. Sorry. Finals sorta suck my life away. 2 down, 3 to go! And the absolute worst one is tomorrow...Macroeconomics...Oh man...I should be studying right now. I think I'll do that after I take a nap. I need to make up for the lack  of sleep I've been imposing upon my body. Would you like to hear more about my awesome night? A macroecon assignment consisting of about 135 problems. A political science assignment. And a 6 page analytical Spanish paper. It was so much fun. I need to shower. And sleep. I'm gross. 
But before I do that...
Here's a shout out to my little sister over at happy as the sun. She's really awesome. And she's my best friend. And she's been having a pretty rough month. A lot of things changing in her life right now. Sapphire, if you're reading this, and I know you will be sometime within the next few days, hang in there. I love you. I'd take a bullet for you any time, any day and if I could make everything all better for know I would. But time soothes everything...even the hardest goodbyes. Believe me, I know.
I'm going to miss you like crazy when I leave but I can't wait to come home for a couple of weeks before I fly out. =) I'll see you soon! Until then, I love you tons! Go read this blog or this blog if you want to laugh!

Other people I'm going to miss?
The rest of my family, of course.
My roommate when I leave....yeah.. A lot. We have so much in common! And the things that we don't have in common? I admire. I know I probably sound like I have a girl crush on her but, even though she's beautiful and has the prettiest eyes, I don't. I'm not a total creep. She's just my closest friend besides my family.
My singles ward.
All of my other friends here in Nebraska. (old and new)
Other friends who are also moving away this month. (there seems to be a lot of us)

But hey, I'll be back in Nebraska in June and back in Lincoln in August so until then I'll just be livin' the dream under the warm AZ sun! 19 days until I fly out...oh man oh man.

Now I am going to pass out for a few minutes until the studying must begin again. Otherwise I may fall right out of my chair.
Like that guy.


Natasha Louise said...

So weird when I read Lincoln, that's where I live! only in England! haha, I miss you blogging Sierra, but I understand when life gets crazy sometimes! Love ya!

Sapphire SireƩ said...

I love you so much sierra. thank you for everything :) <3