Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thank You, Strange Indian Man

Wanna hear a story from my Arizona trip? Sure ya do. It's weird. And let's be honest, who doesn't like weird stories?
So we, (my dad, my cousins, and I), decided we go check out the Tempe Festival of the Arts while we're there. The place was packed with people! And dogs. I think I missed the memo to bring my 50 dogs. Anyway, there were literally hundreds of booths set up displaying artists' paintings, photographs, jewelry, music, you name it, it's there. Oh yeah, also lots of food. Dad and I ate a huge bag of kettle corn by ourselves. Represent. So we're walking around and we start to hear this really pretty but really sad sounding music. Of course we're drawn to the mysterious sound and we stumble upon a booth where these native american guys are playing guitar and wooden flutes. They called themselves Inka Gold. So we sat there for, seriously, like 10 minutes listening to them play. Dad was awestruck but, quite honestly, I felt kinda awkward because one of the guys, 

the one on the left to be exact, kept staring at me. I occupied myself by admiring their assortment of leather bracelets. (I love.) Finally, we moved on to the next booth. Well before we left the festival dad said that he wanted to buy one of the wooden flutes that they had been selling so we weaved our way back through the tents, people, and dogs, and found good ol' Inka Gold. Wouldn't you know that the same guy from before flashed a big smile when he saw us approaching and waved me over. So, I walked over to him.
 "I saw you looking at these bracelets before. You like them don't you?" 
"Yeah," I replied, "they're really cool."
"Well," he said, "pick anyone you like. My gift to you. You are very beautiful."
"Well thank y...wait. What? Really?"
"Yes. Very beautiful. I will give you one. My gift to you."
So, I picked this one:
And he tied it on for me and I thanked him profusely.
The yellow leather bracelet. Not the colorful one, my little sister gave me the colorful one. Anyway, I love it. And it was super super nice but very....unusual. Thank you, strange Indian man. Thank you for your generosity and your kind words. Thank you for my new favorite accessory and a blog worthy story.

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Natasha Louise said...

That's an awesome story!!!!!!!! I'd trade a few stares for a awesome leather bracelet anyday ;)