Monday, January 30, 2012

This Weekend.

Urban Outfitters (and their ridiculous prices).
Logo designing.
P.F. Changs.
Girls wearing way too little.
Tempe Town Lake.
Tribal bracelets. 
Mustache band-aids. 
Hot showers. 
Yard House.
"Marry solely based on levels of attractiveness."
Golf course star gazing.
Failed paint fights.
RV shows.
Photo booths.
Chinese handcuffs.
Windows down.
Radio up.
Singing under the stars.
Long-winded speakers.
Nerf gun wars.
Skype sessions.
Angry security guards.
Procrastinated homework. 

I stole this style of posting from the lovely Brissa. Because I like it that much.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hot Air Balloons&Such

So a couple of weekend ago I went to Glendale Glitters with the family I'm living with. Basically there were a ton of hot air balloons lit up and just floating around. It was actually really cool and I loved just being able to walk around and look at them and take pictures. It was magical. Also, I thought it was kinda neat how you weren't able to see the moon at all that night since it was so cloudy but, with a super slow shutter speed and no flash, I was able to pick up its light in some of the pictures.

(Am I the only one that thinks this balloon totally should have been on Tangled?)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Dear Future Husband,

If by some slim chance you are reading this...
Can you please do something similar to this at our wedding reception?
I promise that I will love you even more. 
Thanks, babe.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fresh New Face

So I've changed a few things on my blog recently. In case you didn't notice. 
Honest opinions, love it or hate it? Better than the last or no? Do you have any suggestions as to how I can improve my blog? If so, I'd love to hear them! 

In other news, I went hiking this weekend. It was pretty rad. 
(Yes I just used the word "rad.") 
How were your weekends?!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Warning: This is a bit of a vent post

The other day Sequoia called me and said "Sierra, when are you coming home? I miss you." "Not until May, honey. I'll be back for Sapphire's graduation." "What?? May?? But.....Why?" And then she started bawling. "I miss you so much already!  Can't you come home now?" Apparently she didn't realize that I was actually moving here. I thought she had...I almost cried too because I felt so bad. But I didn't, that's the point. 
Tonight I did though. And I didn't even have a good reason I just have so stinkin much on my plate I feel like I'm gonna buckle. I absolutely love these little girls. I'm still glad I took the job. But...gosh. Nannying 12 hours a day and then being a full time student in the evening and trying to keep some sort of social life is a lot to juggle. I spent 8 hours on my biotechnology assignment alone the other day. And today I took the girls to the children's museum...and Isalyn was having so much fun she didn't come tell me that she had to go potty, and she peed in one of the tunnels. I felt so bad I apologized to the workers over and over but they were really understanding and nice about it. (Thank goodness for kind people. I love them.) And then when I tried to take her potty a couple of hours later, after we were home, she bawled for like an hour for absolutely no reason. And dad was admitted into the hospital last night. And yesterday I took Isalyn to preschool and forgot to grab her a jacket until we got all the way there and then I felt like the worst nanny ever. And I had a quiz due last night and a discussion due today, neither of which I could do because my dang textbooks still haven't got here. And it's just...gosh. It's just been one of those days. And none of that stuff is even that big of a deal I guess I just feel like so much is depending on me right now. 
But, despite all of the frustration and stress, I'm grateful to be here. I love the girls. And they love me too. Isalyn always wants to be with me and yesterday Misty told me, "She adores you. You know that right?" She calls me mom a lot, and I have to correct her because I don't think Misty would appreciate that little habit if she found out.
Yesterday Isalyn cried when I had to take her to preschool so it was a bit of a struggle to get her ready since she put up a fight. So, we were running a few minutes late. We're usually early and I always check to make sure I have enough gas. Well yesterday morning I was in such a rush getting the girls out the door and trying to get Isalyn there in time, there's only a 15 minute window where you can drop them off. And it's kinda a long drive to the preschool so I couldn't just bring her home no big deal if I missed the window. Anyway, we get all the way to the freeway and I look down and notice I have no gas. And there's nowhere I can stop to get it on the way and we still have like 20 minutes to go and then we hit crazy traffic. Like the stop and go kind that is terrible on gas mileage. So then I started to panic a little because you don't want to run out of gas in that sorta traffic on the freeway in Phoenix. So, I prayed. Really hard that we'd be able to make it. And somehow, the needle didn't move one bit the whole way. We made it all the way there and in plenty of time at that, which was a miracle in itself. And then Amaya and I made it over to a gas station and everything was fine. It's the little miracles that remind me that He's always there. 
Well, that's all. I feel better about life now. 

In Case You Missed Them...Oh. And an Internship

So there you have it folks! The poems I wrote about each of my family members. Hope you liked reading them! If you missed any of 'em, I have compiled a little list for you to go back and read them all easily. 
You're welcome.
(I fit in right here, but obviously I didn't write myself a poem. That'd be dumb.)
(Aren't my parents just the best for giving their kids names like Sapphire and Steele? Seriously. If I was a boy, I would want to be named Steele. How B.A. and by that I mean bad attitude.)
L to R: Sapphire, Me, Dad, Mom, Steele, and in front there's Sequoia and Shylo
Forgive me for the poor quality of the's a phone picture but the most recent one that we have together.

Anyway, for some more exciting news on my life...I just got an internship writing for a bridal magazine! I'm actually interviewing people and having my articles published and everything! How blessed am I?! Most people have to start making copies and getting the coffee or whatever but I get to jump straight to the writing. Dreams do come true. Thank you thank you thank you, Heavenly Father! I'm gonna be a real live journalist after all! (Which is good because I hear being one of the dead ones isn't that great.)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Evolving Wealth

I found a treasure in an old shoebox today
Worn edges and faded color,
The snapshot was like gold in my hands
Taking me back and making me rich…

Pink satin heels
Five sizes too big
Cover my tiny feet
As we dance across the hardwood floor

They make no sound
For daddy lets me stand on his boots
Spinning us both in rhythm
To the silence of our kitchen

His calloused hands hold mine
He smells of concrete and dirt
And his sun-beaten face smiles down at me

Mom comes down the stairs to find
I’m borrowing her shoes
And her dance partner
But she doesn’t mind

She smiles as she grabs the old Kodak
And the flash captures this moment in time

Life is simple when you’re five
How was I to know how long his day had been
Or how exhausted he already was
As he picked me up
And gave me butterfly kisses?

Those heels silently taught me
That dad would always let me stand on his boots
Carrying me when I didn’t know the steps
And guiding me when I clumsily got off beat
It’s now that I see,
I found a treasure hiding in mom’s closet that day

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Friday the 13th

As you know, today was Friday the 13th. Well, technically it was yesterday but we're gonna continue calling it today anyhow. In honor of this occasion a large group of us from the singles ward decided to watch a scary movie. It was a terrible terrible idea. I actually don't like scary movies all that much. I like them while they're on with a group but as soon as it's over and I'm alone, they leave me with a very eery feeling and I am not a fan. Now it's 2:30 in the morning and I can't sleep. So here I lay, a temporary insomniac, who is thoroughly creeped out and giving a warning unto all...don't watch a scary movie when you have to go home alone that night. It's not a good plan. I will now try to trick myself with happy thoughts. Goodnight, all.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Hand in hand

She glances over at me
And her eyes smile
Tires swallow asphalt
As we sing our hearts out
Like old friends
And we are

I’m four years old
Crying at the door
When she has to leave
Donning her shirt
I lay in her bed
Closing my eyes
And breathing in
Her scent
While I wait for
Her return

I’m ten and
I can’t seem to
Stay awake
To finish my paper on
The Boston Tea Party
In the morning
The last few sentences
Are in place
But they aren’t my words

I’m a whole seventeen
And my heart was
Just broken for the first time
She strokes my ratted hair
The curly mess
Which we share
Without so much as
“I told you so”

I’m twenty and
Living in my own apartment
She comes to visit and
We both can see
How much I have grown
As we share stories
Late into the night
We are now equals
She respects my
Opinions and advice
As I do hers

The only friend
I’ve always had
She’s helped me transition
From Barbies
To books
To boyfriends
And now
To becoming an adult

No matter how many
Years pass
I will never be too old
Or too busy
To tell her secrets
And take her hand

She has never been too busy
To take mine.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


So I clearly couldn't pick one picture. We have a lot pictures together and I love them way too much to not include them in this post! But seriously, look at the one of her by herself. Isn't she just gorgeous?
(Check out her cute self over here!)

Warning: This poem may or may not, but most certainly does, contain many inside jokes.

Gnomes That *Thump*
I have never had my own room.
Except for once.
After a fight.
I moved to the basement
For ten minutes.

I have never had my own room
So when my world seemed to be ending
I had someone to talk to
Someone who hugged me tight
And rubbed my back
Until I fell asleep.

I have never had my own room
So if an interested boy placed a phone call
He had to be prepared for a conversation
With the both of us.

I have never had my own room
So I never got much sleep
Sharing laughter and inside jokes
Of *thumps*
And gnomes in the wall
Until the early morning.

I have never had my own room
And I suppose that accounts
For who I am today.
Because I have had
My best friend
My sister
Beside me the whole way.

I have not always appreciated
The fact that
I have never had my own room.
I do now.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Little Brother
When you were younger
You used to say
That you wanted to
Marry me
I thought you strange
But according to mom
That’s what little kids say
When they admire someone

We grew older and
You had no other brother so
I filled the role
Football, basketball, baseball,
And a “Wanna wrestle?”
When I came home

A handwritten letter
I wrote
Still tacked onto your wall
I never realized
Just how much
It meant

Now that you’re in high school
And I’ve moved away
There’s something
You should know:
I respect and admire you too,
More and more
Each passing day

I no longer have to
Dress you and
Teach you how to act
You seem to have
A feel for it
And the girls sure noticed fast

I almost wish
I hadn’t taught you
How to be so cool
For, in my eyes,
No one will ever be
Good enough for
My little brother

I guess “my little brother”
Is not so little anymore
You outgrew me long ago
But I will always,
Be protective of the boy
I love so much

A great athlete
You now dominate in sports
And with a name like “Steele”
Others are intimidated
But I know better

I know
You really wanted
To be named “Trixy”
For the longest time
And I know,
Though mature for your age,
You still manage to
Slip away to
A magical land of

I know
That you have
A heart of gold
I’ve seen you
Play with children
And I’ve watched you become
The greatest brother
I have ever known

I admire you,
“Little brother,”
And all the potential
 That you have
I look up to you,
“Little brother,”
Quite literally now

I wouldn’t change you,
“Little brother,”
Not one little thing
And I cannot
Wait to see
The man you’re
Meant to be

2011 in Photos Pt1 (January-June)

Better late than never, eh!? 
Gaze upon the first 6 months of 2011:

Said goodbye to my best friend and boyfriend, Seth, as he left on a 2 year mission for our church
(He's serving in Argentina and has now been out for a little over 10 months.)

Raised 5 baby raccoon over the summer

Went to Washington D.C. over Memorial weekend and played with our band

Went to a branding with Seth's family. 
I. Loved. It.

Monday, January 9, 2012


Continuing on with my Christmas gifts...this poem was written for my second youngest sister, Shylo.

I Know You

Like the book
In which you
Are absorbed,
You’re easy to read

I know that
You care for us,
Your siblings,
Enough to
Defend us
Against all odds

I know that
You act as though
You are untouchable
In order to protect
Your fragile emotions
And soft heart

I know that
Your mound of books
Has gifted you
With intelligence and
In a world
All your own
Your imagination
Often runs wild

I wish I could
Escape with you
Because I know
How enchanting
It must be

I know because
I have been there
In my own mind

I know that
People say
You look like me
But I was
Much more awkward
At your age

I know how
Excited you can get
Over the same things
That I am passionate about

I know that
When I look at you
I see
A younger version
A smarter version
A kinder version
A better version
Of myself

What are you doing for the rest of eternity?

Wanna know what I love? How, no matter where you go, the church  is always the same. Therefore, it's easy to make friends anywhere you go! Which reminds me, last night I went to a movie night with a bunch of people from my new singles ward. It was grand.
My favorite part of the night, though, was listening to the cheesy pick up lines that were being thrown around. The best was, and I quote, "Oh I like your name. That's a nice name. What are you doing for the rest of eternity?" That guy was just joking but another guy started up a conversation with the girl sitting next to me and right off the bat he said something about how she had such a gorgeous face. Then he told her when she walked in the room just lit up like *BAM!* And he topped it off by telling her that he noticed her beautiful silky hair during church that morning. I think I about busted a gut. She really was a very pretty girl so I don't blame the guy for hitting on her and she loved the cheesy lines so I guess it worked for him. But I still couldn't help it, I definitely started laughing. Luckily, I played it off like I was laughing at something that just happened in the movie and the day was saved.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm a terrible blogger. Getting into the groove of things here in good ol' AZ has really thrown off my blogging. I'll work on that.
Anyway, as promised, here's the first  of the seven poems I wrote for my family members for Christmas. I'm going to start at the youngest and work my way up to the oldest so this one is about my 10 year old sister, Sequoia.

Baby Sister
Following ten years
Behind me in age,
My youngest sister
Doesn’t follow at all

With a mind all her own,
She is
Lively, Spirited,
And too often headstrong

But she is also
Gentle and kind
And eager to help

That fact becomes clear
When she realizes that
I’m a poor college student
And offers
All of the money
She has collected in
That little pink purse

I cannot take
 Her dollar bills
And pennies,
Though she’s pushing them
Into my hands
Like the mite
Of the widow,
My sister is willing to give
All that she has

She’s the first
To greet me
When I return
And always the
Most excited to hear
My voice on the phone

Her handwritten letters
Let me know she
Wants me home

And emotion-filled hugs
Tell me
It’s here I belong

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Flight annd...The. Best. Christmas. Ever.

Hey, girls, hey!!! I'm back! Sorry it's taken so long but I'm finally settled in here in Arizona. Saying goodbye to my family was hard and we all cried as if one of us had just died...luckily that's not the case. I just won't see them until May. Anyway, once I flew into Mesa I was greeted by Misty, James, and the girls. They were excited that I was there and that made everything so much better! It makes such a tremendous difference when people can't wait to see you. And I've skyped people every night so that has made things easier too! (My awesome old roommate Stephanie...cried saying goodbye to her too, my sister Sapphire and the rest of my family, and Candice!) So, long story short, the move went well and now I'm just chillin down here enjoying the 80 degree weather.
Now, I'm ready to tell you all about the Best. Christmas. Ever.
Are you ready?
Here goes...
So, as you know, Christmas was on a Sunday this year. We decided that we weren't going to open any presents before church that day and so off we went on our merry way. Our church Christmas program was awesome and the spirit was super strong! There were some really beautiful musical numbers that just about made me cry. Then we came home and opened gifts and I received a beautiful Canon T3 for my birthday/Christmas present! (Thanks, Mom!! After everyone was done opening their gifts I told them to hang on, I had something to give them all. So I went and grabbed what I have been working on for awhile...poems I had written for each one of my family members. I handed them all out and, as they read them, my family began to cry. Omygoodness. Can I just say how much I love my family? It was one of those things that you will never forget and, though it sounds cheesy, now it's definitely the most special Christmas memory that I have. After a few more hours of just spending time with my family I received an amazing surprise, a phone call!!!  That was the cherry on top of my awesome Christmas.
It was just a really incredible day filled with all things good.
I can't even express what a great Christmas I had.
I love my family.
And I'm going to be sharing the poems I wrote for each one of them so that you can get to know them a little better and love them too. Keep your eyes open for them and enjoy!