Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Flight annd...The. Best. Christmas. Ever.

Hey, girls, hey!!! I'm back! Sorry it's taken so long but I'm finally settled in here in Arizona. Saying goodbye to my family was hard and we all cried as if one of us had just died...luckily that's not the case. I just won't see them until May. Anyway, once I flew into Mesa I was greeted by Misty, James, and the girls. They were excited that I was there and that made everything so much better! It makes such a tremendous difference when people can't wait to see you. And I've skyped people every night so that has made things easier too! (My awesome old roommate Stephanie...cried saying goodbye to her too, my sister Sapphire and the rest of my family, and Candice!) So, long story short, the move went well and now I'm just chillin down here enjoying the 80 degree weather.
Now, I'm ready to tell you all about the Best. Christmas. Ever.
Are you ready?
Here goes...
So, as you know, Christmas was on a Sunday this year. We decided that we weren't going to open any presents before church that day and so off we went on our merry way. Our church Christmas program was awesome and the spirit was super strong! There were some really beautiful musical numbers that just about made me cry. Then we came home and opened gifts and I received a beautiful Canon T3 for my birthday/Christmas present! (Thanks, Mom!!..er....Santa) After everyone was done opening their gifts I told them to hang on, I had something to give them all. So I went and grabbed what I have been working on for awhile...poems I had written for each one of my family members. I handed them all out and, as they read them, my family began to cry. Omygoodness. Can I just say how much I love my family? It was one of those things that you will never forget and, though it sounds cheesy, now it's definitely the most special Christmas memory that I have. After a few more hours of just spending time with my family I received an amazing surprise, a phone call!!!  That was the cherry on top of my awesome Christmas.
It was just a really incredible day filled with all things good.
I can't even express what a great Christmas I had.
I love my family.
And I'm going to be sharing the poems I wrote for each one of them so that you can get to know them a little better and love them too. Keep your eyes open for them and enjoy!

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