Sunday, January 8, 2012


I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm a terrible blogger. Getting into the groove of things here in good ol' AZ has really thrown off my blogging. I'll work on that.
Anyway, as promised, here's the first  of the seven poems I wrote for my family members for Christmas. I'm going to start at the youngest and work my way up to the oldest so this one is about my 10 year old sister, Sequoia.

Baby Sister
Following ten years
Behind me in age,
My youngest sister
Doesn’t follow at all

With a mind all her own,
She is
Lively, Spirited,
And too often headstrong

But she is also
Gentle and kind
And eager to help

That fact becomes clear
When she realizes that
I’m a poor college student
And offers
All of the money
She has collected in
That little pink purse

I cannot take
 Her dollar bills
And pennies,
Though she’s pushing them
Into my hands
Like the mite
Of the widow,
My sister is willing to give
All that she has

She’s the first
To greet me
When I return
And always the
Most excited to hear
My voice on the phone

Her handwritten letters
Let me know she
Wants me home

And emotion-filled hugs
Tell me
It’s here I belong

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Anonymous said...

Okay I have to admit all these poems made me cry or laugh a little!! sierra you got talent!:) keep it up:)-kaitlyn