Monday, January 30, 2012

This Weekend.

Urban Outfitters (and their ridiculous prices).
Logo designing.
P.F. Changs.
Girls wearing way too little.
Tempe Town Lake.
Tribal bracelets. 
Mustache band-aids. 
Hot showers. 
Yard House.
"Marry solely based on levels of attractiveness."
Golf course star gazing.
Failed paint fights.
RV shows.
Photo booths.
Chinese handcuffs.
Windows down.
Radio up.
Singing under the stars.
Long-winded speakers.
Nerf gun wars.
Skype sessions.
Angry security guards.
Procrastinated homework. 

I stole this style of posting from the lovely Brissa. Because I like it that much.


Brissa said...

aren't weekend lists the best?!
sushi, photo booths, moustsache band-aids and BLTs?! sounds like a weekend in heaven!

Taesha Baldridge Cecil said...

sounds fun!