Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Am Alive.

Sorry I've dropped off the face of the earth...I suppose that I've been too busy living life to stop and write about it. And by living life I mean going to bed way too late and waking up way too early. Oh the joys of being young. Too busy living. That's a pretty good problem to have if you ask me.
I'll give you a small update on how life has been: crazy.
I have deadlines almost every night and so I stress and stress to meet those...and by that point it's somewhere between 10:59pm and midnight. But then I usually end up hanging out with friends anyway for a couple more hours. And then I wake up at 7 and watch the girls and do it all over again day after day. That has been my life as of late. Some days I feel a little exhausted, but I'm keeping up pretty well. And it's worth it. I didn't just come to work and take online classes, I came here for the experience. So I'm going to get it.
Some of those deadlines, though, I don't mind. At all. I mentioned earlier that I had an internship writing for a bridal magazine, yes? Well after turning in my first piece, the editor said that she loved it so much she wanted me to write another article for her spring issue as well as the summer issue. So I hustled my butt off and wrote a second article. And now two of my pieces are going to be published within the next month. Am I ecstatic? Why yes. Yes I am. My foot is in the door. Thank you, Heavenly Father. Thank you.
Something else. I have this amazing friend here. He became my best friend right away and he already knows me better than most people I've known my entire life. Because he pays attention. I mention once that I'd like to do something, and he makes it happen; next month we're going skydiving. Just because I've always wanted to. Amazing? Um. Yeah.
So that's my life right now. It's pretty crazy, but it's pretty great. I am so glad I came. Because, even though I'm running on little sleep, rushing to meet deadlines and keep my grades up as well as keeping up with a baby and a two-year-old, I am happy. And I am very much alive.


Sheilani said...

Ah Sierra that is so neat! How did you get the internship with the magazine article? I have been thinking about doing something like that. :)

Brissa said...

i'm so happy you're alive!! your life sounds busy but wonderful!!

Natasha Louise said...

Wow that is so cool about the magazine article, so happy for you Sierra and glad to see you are indeed a live ;)

Sierra ShaneĆ” said...

Thanks, guys! And Sheilani, I actually wasn't even really looking for it or anything I just got really lucky, except blessed is a better word choice. I met someone who knew the editor and she put me in contact with her and after speaking to the editor, she offered me an opportunity to write. I guess it was just one of those right place, right time kinda things.