Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Evolving Wealth

I found a treasure in an old shoebox today
Worn edges and faded color,
The snapshot was like gold in my hands
Taking me back and making me rich…

Pink satin heels
Five sizes too big
Cover my tiny feet
As we dance across the hardwood floor

They make no sound
For daddy lets me stand on his boots
Spinning us both in rhythm
To the silence of our kitchen

His calloused hands hold mine
He smells of concrete and dirt
And his sun-beaten face smiles down at me

Mom comes down the stairs to find
I’m borrowing her shoes
And her dance partner
But she doesn’t mind

She smiles as she grabs the old Kodak
And the flash captures this moment in time

Life is simple when you’re five
How was I to know how long his day had been
Or how exhausted he already was
As he picked me up
And gave me butterfly kisses?

Those heels silently taught me
That dad would always let me stand on his boots
Carrying me when I didn’t know the steps
And guiding me when I clumsily got off beat
It’s now that I see,
I found a treasure hiding in mom’s closet that day


Natasha Louise said...

I absolutely love these posts you do about the people you love!! Amazing!!

Brissa said...

sierra! this is beautiful!

Taesha Baldridge Cecil said...

aww cute! you have some great posts here!:)

Ashley said...

love this!!