Monday, January 9, 2012


Continuing on with my Christmas gifts...this poem was written for my second youngest sister, Shylo.

I Know You

Like the book
In which you
Are absorbed,
You’re easy to read

I know that
You care for us,
Your siblings,
Enough to
Defend us
Against all odds

I know that
You act as though
You are untouchable
In order to protect
Your fragile emotions
And soft heart

I know that
Your mound of books
Has gifted you
With intelligence and
In a world
All your own
Your imagination
Often runs wild

I wish I could
Escape with you
Because I know
How enchanting
It must be

I know because
I have been there
In my own mind

I know that
People say
You look like me
But I was
Much more awkward
At your age

I know how
Excited you can get
Over the same things
That I am passionate about

I know that
When I look at you
I see
A younger version
A smarter version
A kinder version
A better version
Of myself


Harley said...

This is seriously beautiful. What a personal gift. Definitely filing this idea away for later.

Natasha Louise said...

This is lovely and you are both gorgeous!