Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hot Air Balloons&Such

So a couple of weekend ago I went to Glendale Glitters with the family I'm living with. Basically there were a ton of hot air balloons lit up and just floating around. It was actually really cool and I loved just being able to walk around and look at them and take pictures. It was magical. Also, I thought it was kinda neat how you weren't able to see the moon at all that night since it was so cloudy but, with a super slow shutter speed and no flash, I was able to pick up its light in some of the pictures.

(Am I the only one that thinks this balloon totally should have been on Tangled?)


Dearest Lou said...

That is so freaking cool! I want to ride in a hot air balloon one day, but I'm scared of heights.. weird I know :P

Taesha Baldridge Cecil said...

Cool! Its always been my dream to go on an air balloon, but i think i'd be too scared! Hey by the way, if you want to swap buttons, i'd be honored. Just visit my blog, and if you like it, comment and we'll swap ads! Thanks!

Sierra ShaneĆ” said...

So do I! I think that it would. be. awesome.

melanie said...

ah, that is the coolest thing!!