Thursday, January 19, 2012

In Case You Missed Them...Oh. And an Internship

So there you have it folks! The poems I wrote about each of my family members. Hope you liked reading them! If you missed any of 'em, I have compiled a little list for you to go back and read them all easily. 
You're welcome.
(I fit in right here, but obviously I didn't write myself a poem. That'd be dumb.)
(Aren't my parents just the best for giving their kids names like Sapphire and Steele? Seriously. If I was a boy, I would want to be named Steele. How B.A. and by that I mean bad attitude.)
L to R: Sapphire, Me, Dad, Mom, Steele, and in front there's Sequoia and Shylo
Forgive me for the poor quality of the's a phone picture but the most recent one that we have together.

Anyway, for some more exciting news on my life...I just got an internship writing for a bridal magazine! I'm actually interviewing people and having my articles published and everything! How blessed am I?! Most people have to start making copies and getting the coffee or whatever but I get to jump straight to the writing. Dreams do come true. Thank you thank you thank you, Heavenly Father! I'm gonna be a real live journalist after all! (Which is good because I hear being one of the dead ones isn't that great.)

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