Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Little Brother
When you were younger
You used to say
That you wanted to
Marry me
I thought you strange
But according to mom
That’s what little kids say
When they admire someone

We grew older and
You had no other brother so
I filled the role
Football, basketball, baseball,
And a “Wanna wrestle?”
When I came home

A handwritten letter
I wrote
Still tacked onto your wall
I never realized
Just how much
It meant

Now that you’re in high school
And I’ve moved away
There’s something
You should know:
I respect and admire you too,
More and more
Each passing day

I no longer have to
Dress you and
Teach you how to act
You seem to have
A feel for it
And the girls sure noticed fast

I almost wish
I hadn’t taught you
How to be so cool
For, in my eyes,
No one will ever be
Good enough for
My little brother

I guess “my little brother”
Is not so little anymore
You outgrew me long ago
But I will always,
Be protective of the boy
I love so much

A great athlete
You now dominate in sports
And with a name like “Steele”
Others are intimidated
But I know better

I know
You really wanted
To be named “Trixy”
For the longest time
And I know,
Though mature for your age,
You still manage to
Slip away to
A magical land of

I know
That you have
A heart of gold
I’ve seen you
Play with children
And I’ve watched you become
The greatest brother
I have ever known

I admire you,
“Little brother,”
And all the potential
 That you have
I look up to you,
“Little brother,”
Quite literally now

I wouldn’t change you,
“Little brother,”
Not one little thing
And I cannot
Wait to see
The man you’re
Meant to be