Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Wish List

So now that I'm officially on break, and Christmas is in 6 days, I figured it was about time to post my Christmas wish list! So here ya'll are. Everything awesome:

More than anything else in this whole world I would love a camera! A good camera. I have a Canon point and shoot and it does a pretty good job but it can't take videos and it doesn't really leave any room for progression and I've discovered that I LOVE photography. I do what I can with my camera but, ya know, that's only so much. So I've done a lot of research over the past few years and have finally decided that a Canon EOS Rebel T3i is the perfect camera for me. It's perfect for beginning SLR photographers but it leaves plenty of room for growth and progression. Considering the fact that I didn't get a birthday present for the last couple of years...and considering the fact that I'm willing to sacrifice gifts for my birthday, Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, St. Patty's Day,  Thanks-for-not-being-a-mother-yet Day, President's Day, and every other holiday for the next five years...and I'd be willing to pay for half of it...I'm keeping my fingers crossed that maybe Santa would have been feeling super generous and found the beautiful camera cheaper on Black Friday. If not, that's alright. I'll just save money from Arizona and buy it myself. But that's definitely been the number one thing on every list of mine for the last few years. 

Moving on...

A leather-bound writing journal. Omygoodness. I love.

This book by Steve Turner. My friend read it and now I'm super jealous of his extensive knowledge on the Beatles! I love talking to him and learning more and so now I know quite a bit more than your average Joe but...I'd like to read it for myself. Not just be told. 

Anything else to do with The Beatles. (posters,vinyls, cds, shirts,books,etc.)
By the way, did I mention that I bought myself a little Christmas present? I found this beautiful record, actually there's two vinyls in there, for only $25! I love thrifting. So much. And I also talked the owner of the shop down on a poster as well so I got that half price. Score.

Husker sweatpants. Or hoodies. Or jackets. Or just plain ol' shirts. Basically anything Husker, I love.

Shoes. I love shoes. Heels, flats, boots, gladiators, I love them all.
Actually, if we're being honest here, shoes and I have a bit of a love/hate relationship. I love the way they look. I love the way they complete an outfit. I love the way heels make me the average height of a 20 year old rather than an awkward 12 year old boy. Actually, make that an 11 year old. My brother was already taller than me when he was 12. However, if it's summer and warm out I would much rather be barefoot. So we'll say this, if it is winter, shoes and I love each other. If it is summer, my shoes hate me for sending them into hibernation. Right now, though, it's winter so I am DEFINITELY loving shoes.

And since we're on that topic...I'm especially loving these combats boots. Still. Someday, I will own them.

A Polaroid camera would. be. awesome. I know I already have another camera as my number one thing, but this is just something else that I love. And I have two areas for shoes so you just shut your mouth. Anyway, not only would I love to have the picture in my hand right after I took it, but I also love the way Polaroid photos look. So nostalgic. And my sister and I want to decorate our apartment with them next year. Pretty cool, right?

So there ya have it. 
My Christmas wish list.
I say wish because I'm not actually expecting or even asking for these things, I'm just sayin. I like them. A lot. And I wouldn't complain if I found one of them hiding under the tree. 
That'd be really sweet of you, Santa baby.


Natasha Louise said...

I want a camera SO bad too!!

Lauren said...

i am drooling over alll those shoes!