Friday, December 9, 2011

What the Heck, Rudolph?

Don't ask why I felt like showing you my clothes today...but I did.
Maybe it's because I'm proud to say I thrifted everything in this outfit. 
Except the skinny jeans. 
Those came from Target. 
I love that place.

Please disregard the awkward face. 
I don't really know what to do when taking pictures of myself.

Also, forgive the sucky photo quality.
My point and shoot and the crappy lighting in our apartment isn't really a good combination.
Oh and notice the nail-polish. 
I saw this color somewhere the other day and suddenly I had a craving to paint my nails that color.
A craving.
Like a food craving,
but for nail-polish.
It was strange.

On another note, tonight we watched that old Rudolph movie. 
The one that looks like a bunch of toys and is told by a snowman named Sam? 
The one in which the parents of Rudolph (Donner and Mrs. Donner) are jerks and Santa is a D-bag?
That's the one.
I haven't seen it in probably ten years and I didn't remember how stupid it was. Also, the whole movie is about adults forcing children to conform to the normalcy of society. On top of that it is chalk full of sexist comments. Mrs. Donner has no name and apparently she's a mute because the narrator has to tell us her lines even though Donner says all of his. And when they go to find their son Rudolph, after Donner is a terrible father and forces him to run away, Mrs. Donner isn't allowed to help because apparently that's "a man's job." And later on they all have to get back to Christmas town because it's necessary to get the women-folk back. 
Of course.

Feminists would have a hay day with that one.
As would the child protective services.
Also, why does Rudolph's nose have to make that annoying, high pitched beeping?
It's supposed to resemble a flashlight, not a radar.
Oh and the Island of Misfit Toys creeps me out.
And the little elf looks like an eight year old but sounds like he's thirty.
What the heck?

How did I ever watch that movie as a kid?

Now we're watching Princess Bride. 
This is much better.


Natasha Louise said...

I have never seen that movie but now I am intrigued!!! haha... I wanna paint my nails now AND you look super cute, I love the awkward face I'm a pro at those! ;)

abbypauna said...

super cute outfit!!
you are crazy i love it!!

Brissa said...

nail polish craving are not strange. i get them all the time. ALL the time.
i love your outfit!